Auto Body Information, 3 Good Tools

Here are a few tools you really need to do body work, you can always make some tools your self but these tools would be easier to purchase then to make.  

1. A Spitznagle is a form of dent pulling device. It is a great help when you do not have acsess to the back side of the panel you are repairing . Their are many different brands and prices of dent pullers but I have used the brand in the link almost daily with no problems. Before purchasing an expensive tool always do reseach as quality and price change from month to month in this industry.

2.   A Slapping file is my most used and most valuable tool in my tool box. It is used inplace of a shrinking hammer and works so much better I rarely use any of my body hammers. It takes just a few dent repairs to fall in love with this repair method.

3.  A Roloc grinding disc is great for small dents and taking the paint off fast. They come in many different grits and sizes. You do have to be carfull not to gouge the metal as they do cut fast. I use the 60# and 80# the most often but 36# works great for grinding the spitznagle nails down. 


~ by Jon Stewart on September 25, 2009.

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