5 Reasons to do your own Body repairs

Can You do your own body repairs?
Of course you can, I believe any one can do something they really want to do if the work hard enough and research well enough. Will your body repair look as good as you want it? Probably not the first time, it is like any thing you do for the first time, did you jump on your first bike and never fall off? Could a doctor operate without years of training? Of course he could, not legally or safely but if he found a willing lab rat He could. The point is it is a profession that everyone can do poorly but not many can do well.

1. You want to the pride to be able to say you did all the body and paint work on your own car

2. You have extra time and want a challenging hobby.

3. You have a space to work and lots of tool you want to use, and the desire to purchase many more.

4. You want to customize your vehicle, “highly customized vehicles are extremely expensive to build ” and even more expensive to have some one reputable build. In my opinion the only way to build a custom car is be very wealthy or learn how to do the work yourself. You will not save money repairing you door ding if you are not skilled in the field, But you can save tens of thousand on building a full custom car by learning the skills to do the work properly.

5. And the number one reason to do your own body work is see how your anger management classes are working for you.


~ by Jon Stewart on September 9, 2009.

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