Fixing Dents Yourself (SCAM?)

Ok, I was told the same thing when I was a teenager. Look for a car with good tires and good running gear, don’t worry about how pretty it is. After many years repairing collisions and building many award winning custom cars and bikes, I have came to the conclusion my parents were wrong. Quality Auto Body repair and paint is the most expensive and the most time consuming part of all the automotive professions. Anyone with a few tools, some ability to read and comprehend, can swap engines in a car, in a weekend. Have you bought tires and had to leave your car for a month? Exhaust takes a few hours, rebuilding a tranny a day, rebuilding a engine a week. The problem with body work is it takes time, meaning labor, and skilled labor is expensive. The problem with the “body work how to’s” on the internet is they say you can save money by doing your own body work. This statement for the most part is false, and I am sure any one telling you different has very little experience in high end auto body repair. There are many reasons for doing your own body repairs, but saving money should not be the reason. 80 Corvette


~ by Jon Stewart on September 7, 2009.

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