Drilling holes in Panels

I have been in High Quality collision repair shops for over 25 years, and drilling holes to pull dents was out dated when I started in my first auto body shop. I have used them to pull out panels I was going to eventually replace, but other than that, they are unnecessary. The best way to repair a dent is to ruff it out from behind, if possible. If you can’t get behind the dent then a dent puller or spitznagle they have came down in price and are well worth it if you are planning to repair your own dents. You could also weld tabs to the sheet metal, there are many ways to pull and repair a dent but drilling holes in the panel is not the best way. Why? Polyester fillers are not water proof, they attract moisture, if you don’t weld up the holes the filler will eventually fail. If you have a welder to weld up the holes just tack on a tab instead of drilling in the first place. If you really must be Old School or have already drilled the holes, use a water proof filler like fiberglass for filling the holes and under coat the back side if possible. Feel free to post any comments or questions I will respond ASAP. Or email me at outlawcustoms2@yahoo.com


~ by Jon Stewart on September 7, 2009.

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